Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thinkorswim Software Platform Update

Thinkorswim updated its software platform today to version 1446, and a number of new features will be implemented. I’m most excited by the ‘Fly on the Wall’ news feed, the chat room, and the addition of a new user manual under the Help tab.

Here are all the new features:


  • 'Fly on the Wall' news feed for live market-moving information
  • vertical scroll bars and flex layout control for Market View
  • new Market Cast chat room
  • icon for earnings announcements, conference calls and dividends on quote lists

Active Trader:

  • multi-level OCO orders allow scaling out of positions
  • complex OCO order relations linked in trade ladder window
  • auto-center delay on price ladder
  • new price link "Ave Prc" for conditional orders based on the average execution price on an order

Position Statement:

  • group positions by account in Total Account mode
  • in-the-money icon for ITM options at any time before expiration (configured via the Setup pane)

Analyze: import/export positions on Analyze tab


  • resize vertical (y-) axis with click and drag
  • scroll vertical axis with Ctrl-Click and drag (Command-Click on Mac)
  • different order types and multiple instances of similar order types slash-separated on pills
  • trailing stop indicator is displayed at its current stop price
  • undo/redo (Ctrl-Z & Ctrl-Shift-Z) feature for drawing tools
  • extend vertical time levels through sub graphs
  • change order of lower study windows
  • preview and rename study sets
  • pick and apply individual studies and strategies from a defined set
  • new studies: Option Delta, Option Gamma, Option Theta, Option Vega, and Option Rho, and Major Gann Levels
  • new alerts studies: CloseLocationValue, EhlersDistantCofficientFilter, ElliotOscillator, LinearRegCurve, MovAvgWeighted, VolatilityStdDev, CCI and CCIAverage
  • thinkScript enhancements: AssignPriceColor function, new option-related functions, and MovAvgAdaptive, MovAvgRibbon, RibbonStudy, and TheoreticalOptionPrice are now translated into thinkScript


  • all FX orders that are working on the existing "FX Trading" tab will be imported in to thinkorswim orders and will appear on the Monitor tab
  • charts now include last trade price and volume data for all the FX executions for the past year
  • 52 week high/low now available for FX


Anonymous said...

The new update erased ALL my drawings (price levels, trend lines, fibonacci, etc.,) that I've made. I've contacted support to no avail. Anyone else have this problem?

Michael Comeau said...

Oh man that stinks! Good thing I don't use too many advanced charting functions.

Anonymous said...

Where does the flyonthewall news appear in the latest build?

Michael Comeau said...

It looks like an icon pops up next to the ticker symbols on the Marketwatch screens. We might have to wait until Monday to see it work because AFAIK flyonthewall is real-time news - icon might not pop up until there's some event.

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