Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Will There Be an Apple Netbook?

Hello all, I just wanted to direct you to my latest article on Minyanville. I give four reasons why an Apple (AAPL) Netbook is not on the way.

Here are the first two:

1. There’s a more obvious hole in the product line.

Apple still doesn’t have a reasonably priced, entry-level notebook PC. Yes, Mac lovers -- I understand that lower price doesn't equal better value when you consider stability and security (and mental health, in my case), but come on. Macbooks are more expensive than they need to be. A $799 Macbook would give Apple a major additional catalyst for market-share gains, and given Apple’s stinginess with hardware components, could still carry high gross margins.

2. Macbooks are still selling just fine.

As it turns out, those expensive Macbooks are actually doing just fine. Apple sold 1.75 million notebooks during the quarter, up 13% year-over-year. Excluding anti-depressants and Ramen noodles, selling 13% more of anything these days is pretty impressive. So there’s no reason to take the chance of cannibalizing a premium-priced, high-margin product with a netbook just yet.

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