Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GE Is NOT Interested in Taser

Just caught this headling on Briefing.com:

Stocks seeing volatility buying: TASR calls are seeing interest as strength in the stock is attributed to a GE-for-TASR rumor. Seeing the most volume are the Sept 7.5 calls, which have traded 6270 contracts trading vs. open int of 5630, pushing implied vol up around 15 points to ~78%

The General Electric (GE) for Taser (TASR) rumor never gets old. In fact the GE for anyone rumor never gets old, but still does a good job of pumping a stock up. But let's think about this one for a second.

When used properly by law enforcement officers, I think the somewhat controversial Taser is an excellent device. After all, while being zapped by a Taser isn't pleasant, it beats getting shot with a guy.

But while that's all good and well, I don't think GE is interested in the kind of negative publicity that can occur when someone gets Tasered - especially when that person dies. In addition, analysts expect Taser to report just $88 million in revenue this years, a mere rounding error for GE.

I know this is all pretty obvious, but you wouldn't know it by the way the stock's bouncing today.