Monday, January 1, 2007

Chin-up Challenge

I was never a great athlete, nor particularly strong. This was especially true in 7th grade.

As part of a set of physical fitness tests in gym class, we were required to do chin-ups. Unfortunately, I was one of the weaklings, not able to do a single one. I felt so embarrassed that I bought a chin-up bar to practice at home, because I was NOT going to repeat this performance in 8th grade.

I started practicing chin-ups every day. At first, I was basically just holding myself up as long as possible, but before I knew it, I could crank out a dozen at a time without breaking a sweat. When it came time for that stupid test again in 8th grade, I ranked pretty high in a gym class of well over 100 kids.

So now I want that feeling back. I've let myself get out of shape the last couple years, and I'm only now started to work my way back to being fit. So as part of this new initiative, I'm aiming to be able to do 20 chin-ups in a row by June 1. So feel free to cheer me on!